Student Driver

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Recording on vhs from your childhood blockbuster video store aka the aliased keystrokes thrift shop aka the Pro-Question Action League “a question’s a question, no matter how small” aka the Land Before Rails aka the RegEx tattoo shop aka straight out the dungeons of code aka The crouching-tiger-hidden-semi-colon School aka The ruby-talk-pretty-one-day School aka The Flatiron School


I learned to drive on a stick shift. My first car was a red two-seat ‘91 Toyota mr2 kinda like this here. My dad copped it for a quick 3k. He later sold it after I failed to communicate that it was the only vehicle I could ever love.

I would never have been that smitten driving an automatic. Sometimes abstraction is the opposite of intimacy.

That’s how I feel about Sinatra. Today I made my first deployable ruby app. It’s no hot rod but it will get you from A to B. (Jukebox)

Once I was done I understood how all the parts moved. I can conceptualize it and I can even draw an exploded diagram:


RIP. Tomorrow we start on Sinatra. I browsed some Sinatra apps on github to try to see how they work. The simplest example I could find is this blogging app called “(Scanty), a really small blog.” I tried drawing a diagram of this one too:


This diagram is hard to follow. And the views shouldn’t be floating like that.

It’d kinda like I just built a lawn mower engine:


Then tried to understand a simple volvo engine:


…and realized I couldn’t even find the starter.

At first I thought was the application file because it required ‘main.’

Not being able to find the starter is understable when the engine is packaged like this:


All I know right now is that Sinatra is doing some cloak-and-dagger behind-the-scenes shit. And I find that untrustworthy.

Is there a steampunk movement in the Ruby community? If you’re out there call me..